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We’re disrupting the parking industry by making it easy to find parking. Ready to better manage your existing supply of parking spaces and improve your bottom line?

Say Hello to the Last Parking Management Solution You’ll Ever Need

Using an open API based on infrared and Bluetooth technology, Parking Sense was designed to easily integrate additional features. This ensures our service is infinitely scalable, dynamic and “future proof” to adjust to your ever-evolving business needs.

Parking Simplified

Make better use of existing parking spaces, reduce customer frustration and increase revenue

Easy installation of car park guidance system

Easy Installation

Our solutions employ reliable technology purposefully designed to be minimally invasive to install

Historical + Real-Time Parking Data

Historical + Real-Time Data

Better manage, track and charge for parking down to the individual space level

Simplified Parking Experience with Parking Sense technology

Simplified Parking Experience

Use of Parking Sense reduces the time it takes drivers to find parking by up to 50%

Low cost parking guidance technology

Low Costs

Engineered with a focus on being cost-effective, affordable, customizable and “future proof"

Positive Environmental Impact with parking guidance system

Positive Environmental Impact

Sustainability is prioritized through use of low-energy technology and the ability to reduce vehicle emissions by up to 50%

Parking as a Service

We believe there’s a better way for businesses of all kinds to manage parking. After all, it’s the first and last thing customers experience. It’s time to make that experience positive—as it relates to both revenue and efficiency.

Guidance & Sensors

Open API based around infrared and Bluetooth technology that is 99.9% accurate, Parking Sense efficiently guides drivers to available parking spaces, reducing the time it takes to find a space by 50%.

Parking guidance system that is 99.9% reliable
Parking Sense Real-Time Parking Data Management

Real Time Data

Know with certainty which parking spaces are available when so you can increase space utilization and revenue opportunities.

Mobile App

Drivers love our convenient mobile app that helps them find parking, then easily locate their car when they return.

mobile app technology for parking guidance system

Real Results. Real Clients.

Don’t just take our word for it, these are real results from our clients.

Parking efficiency increased by at least 50% with Parking Sense

Parking efficiency increased by at least 50%

A leading biomedical research facility can now accommodate 700 employees in 327 parking spaces on campus.

Additional $10.2M in revenue generated annually with Parking Sense Technology

Additional $10.2M in revenue generated annually

By increasing space utilization and mobile app payments, LA Metro now successfully manages 87 parking facilities at 54 stations.

Reduced daily commute time by up to 20 minutes with Parking Sense

Reduced daily commute time by up to 20 minutes

Using the mobile app, drivers can see where parking is available without wasting time circling the garages.

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