Clients who use Parking Sense technology to optimize parking management

Our intelligent parking solutions empower industries

Discover how these industries utilize Parking Sense solutions to capitalize on unrealized revenue opportunities, capture real time data to make intelligent parking management decisions and change driver behaviors.

Clients who use Parking Sense technology to optimize parking management

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Parking Spaces

Mixed use facilities can struggle to meet the parking needs of their diverse user groups.

Facility owners and operators find it a challenge to appropriately allocate space and provide payment options suitable for each demographic and user needs. Our solution not only guides drivers to available spaces but generates detailed data that facility operators can use to make better strategic decisions.

Commercial, mixed-use organizations utilizing parking guidance technology
parking guidance solutions for smart cities

Cities strive to decrease driver congestion and air pollution for their residents.

Cities benefit from our solutions by relieving street and garage congestion, optimizes parking utilization, efficiencies and revenue as well as automated mobile app payment capabilities and reduces CO2 emissions.

Healthcare leaders seek operational efficiencies and enhancing the patient-centric experience.

It is imperative that healthcare staff and patients find parking in a timely manner. Parking Sense helps eliminate parking-related appointment delays and schedule disruption for doctors, PA’s and other expensive personnel.

Hospital parking guidance system
Parking assist system for airports

Airport parking contributes greatly to the bottom line.

Airports seek greater operational efficiencies all while enhancing the visitor experience. Parking Sense’s parking solutions offer travellers a convenient experience while providing airport management critical data to professionally manage parking operations.

Universities have many different types of people parking at different time periods

Universities must accommodate faculty, students, staff, visitors as well as physicians and nurses if there is a medical center. Our intelligent parking solutions provide a cost-effective solution that allows users to easily find parking and be on-time, which translates to smoother operational efficiencies throughout the university.

parking solutions technology for universities and colleges
Retail properties utilize parking guidance system

Retail owners & operators know the shopping experience all starts and ends with parking.

Consumers must park in order to shop –  and get frustrated when it’s difficult to do so. This can lead to less consumer traffic and decreases revenue per store. Our technology allows shoppers to easily find parking without delay and pay through our mobile app.

Major sporting events and concerts attract thousands of fans to complexes with peak traffic flows.

There is an enormous surge in demand for parking with peak traffic trying to access the facility in a short period of time. Parking Sense provides a cost-effective answer that allows visitors to locate and access available parking spaces using our smartphone technology and in-facility guidance.
Entertainment facilities utilize parking solutions to better manage their lots and garages
Parking solutions for casinos

Casino owners are all about the experience for their high-value customers.

Parking Sense offers a premium experience for casino visitors by quickly guiding guests to available spaces, all while providing real-time data to owners and operators on each individual space.  The intelligent payment system revolutionizes the payment process by removing the need for customers to pull tickets, wait in queues or visit payment stations.

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