Airports must provide a customer centric experience that also seeks greater operational efficiencies. Parking Sense’s intelligent parking solutions offer travelers this type of experience while providing airport management with critical data to professionally manage their parking operations.

What you can achieve with Parking Sense

Improved Customer Experience

Travelers can easily navigate to available parking spaces, see real-time availability information and be on-time to the airport.

Improved Operating Efficiency

Real-time data that can be used for facility management decisions allowing decisions to be made on utilization, pricing and mix of special-use spaces.

Decreased CO2 Emissions

The guidance technology expedites parking therefore reduces unhealthy CO2 emissions in the facility.

Increased Revenue

Airport parking management can use their facility data to create pricing models and decisions on a space-by-space basis and change pricing to incorporate parking demand.

Additional Benefits

Travelers can easily find their car when arriving back from their trip

Dynamic pricing solutions based on demand and usage

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