Casinos can offer a premium experience for guests by quickly guiding them to available spaces, all while providing real-time data to owners and operators on each individual space

What you can achieve with Parking Sense

Improved Customer Experience

Provide a four diamond parking experience so that patrons have a premium experience from start to finish all while increasing loyalty.

Improved Operating Efficiency

Real-time data to inform management and dynamic decision-making for unique parking needs.

Improved Revenue

Gets patrons inside faster, enabling them to indulge in services and amenities for a longer period of time, increasing revenue.

Reduce CO2 Emissions

Reduced car emissions and reduced operating costs.

Parking solutions for casinos

This California Casino wanted its guests to enjoy a Four Diamond experience

Parking Sense's guided system informs property patrons exactly where open spots are located and leads them to those spots quickly and easily with its intuitive overhead lighting system. Patrons don't waste any time circling the garage looking for spots. This is crucial as the premier casino and resort wants to provide a full luxury experience to its high-end clientele.

Additional Benefits

Establishes a Four Diamond experience from the moment patrons enter the property

Provides a "future-proof" system whose useful life can be extended indefinitely,

Easily accommodate increased traffic volume

Speeds parking process for a better guest experience

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