Commercial & Mixed Use

Our intelligent parking solution is a cost-effective answer that not only guides users to available spaces but generates detailed data that facility operators can use to make better strategic decisions

What you can achieve with Parking Sense

Improved Customer Experience

Cost-effective solution that allows event attendees to easily find parking without delay and find their car when the event has ended.

Improved Operating Efficiency

Allocate spaces based on demand to use a higher percentage of parking spaces instead of leaving them empty while other users are out of spaces.

Decreased CO2 Emissions

Reduce driving time by up to 30% which provides a better customer experience while reducing emissions.

Increased Revenue

Accurate occupancy figures allow owners to generate additional revenue from existing parking stock, which in turn increases the value of the asset.

Additional Benefits

Easy integration with existing mobile parking app solutions

Allocate parking spaces to different user groups using real-time data

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