Corporate Campus

Corporate offices must provide an employee centric experience that also seeks greater operational efficiencies. Parking Sense’s intelligent parking solutions offer employees this type of experience while providing management with critical data to professionally manage their parking operations.

What you can achieve with Parking Sense

Improved Employee Experience

Our Intelligent Parking Solutions provide a cost-effective solution that allows employees and visitors to find parking without delay.

Improved Operating Efficiency

Real-time data that can be used for facility management decisions allowing decisions to be made on utilization, pricing and mix of special-use spaces.

Cut Drive Time in Half

Employees no longer need to circle the lot to look for open spaces. Average time to find open an open space can be cut in half.

Reduce CO2 Emissions

Reduced car emissions and reduced operating costs.

Additional Benefits

Speeds up parking process for a better guest experience

Provides a "future-proof" system whose useful life can be extended indefinitely

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