Entertainment Facilities

The Parking Sense state-of-the-art intelligent parking solution provides a cost-effective answer that allows visitors to locate and access available parking spaces using our smartphone technology and in-facility guidance

What you can achieve with Parking Sense

Improved Customer Experience

Cost-effective solution that allows event attendees to easily find parking without delay and find their car when the event has ended.

Improved Operating Efficiency

Operators can allocate special event parking based on demand data generated by the Parking Sense real-time data management system.

Decreased CO2 Emissions

Our guidance technology expedites parking therefore reduces unhealthy CO2 emissions which helps with LEED Certification.

Increased Revenue

Dynamic pricing options allow owners and operators to customize pricing based on location, preferential customers or reserved options.

Additional Benefits

Expedite parking during peak traffic flows

Cost-effective solution to locate and access available parking

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