As Healthcare leaders seek greater operational efficiencies while maintaining fiscal responsibility they also work to enhance the overall patient-centric experience which can become a source of increased revenue.

What you can achieve with Parking Sense

Improved Customer Experience

Our Intelligent Parking Solutions provide a cost-effective solution that allows patients and visitors to find parking without delay.

Improved Operating Efficiency

Operational efficiencies gained by a reduction in late patient arrival, which improves medical staff and support staff efficiency, resulting in an increase in the number of patients seen during a given period of time.

Improved Revenue

For facilities that charge, parking management can implement automated value-based pricing and variable prices based on peak time or demand by different users.

Reduce CO2 Emissions

Reduced car emissions and reduced operating costs.

Hospital parking guidance system

This medical facility increased efficiency by 50%

and increased productivity of highly paid staff by eliminating time wasted looking for parking with our intelligent solutions. By taking the guesswork out of finding a parking spot, the medical facility was able to decrease stress and frustration with a positive parking experience.

Additional Benefits

Speeds up parking process for a better guest experience

Provides a "future-proof" system whose useful life can be extended indefinitely

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