Smart Cities

Parking Sense system technology supplies the information for cities and transportation authorities to perform predictive and iterative analysis of city traffic and parking patterns

What you can achieve with Parking Sense

Increased Revenue

Generate additional revenue by implementing easy mobile app integration

Cut Driver Time in Half

Drivers no longer need to circle the lot to look for open spaces. Average time to find open an open space can be cut in half.

Decreased CO2 Emissions

Relieve street and garage congestion with demand management systems and guidance solutions to reduce CO2 emissions

Parking Efficiency Maximized

Improve the patron experience by enabling all residents and visitors who want to park to do so with ease.

parking guidance solutions for smart cities

LA Metro estimated that if they were to increase the number of spots to meet existing demand,

they would need 30% more parking (or some 7,800 additional spots). The Parking Sense solution enabled Metro to make more parking available without adding more physical spots. And, to help ensure parking would be available to Metro patrons, Metro made it a paid parking system that would generate $10.2 million in revenue.

Additional Benefits

Cost-avoidance because new spaces don't have to be constructed

Perform predictive and iterative analysis of city traffic and parking patterns

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