Universities have many different types of people parking at different time periods; faculty, students, staff, visitors as well as physicians and nurses if there is a medical center. Managing these different users plus issuing parking permits is an enormous and demanding job.

What you can achieve with Parking Sense

Improved Customer Experience

Our solution allows users to find parking without delay and be on-time, which translates to smoother operational efficiencies throughout the university.

Improved Operating Efficiency

Real-time data that can be used for facility management decisions. Our dynamic space management system is flexible and accommodates the driving behaviors of faculty, staff and students.

Improved Revenue

Permit parking can be issued and paid for via mobile app integration, which reduces time spent issuing permits. Implement dynamic pricing based on peak time or demand by different users.

Reduce CO2 Emissions

The guidance technology expedites parking therefore reduces unhealthy CO2 emissions in the facility which helps with LEED Certification.

parking solutions technology for universities and colleges

A university was able to optimize the use of 1,000 spaces

in the two parking garages by ensuring that all available spots are filled. This has reduced the need for additional parking spaces. It has also reduced the garages' carbon footprint by eliminating congestion. Rather than spending up to 30 minutes circling the garages looking for spots, drivers now spend a maximum of five minutes finding parking.

Additional Benefits

Speeds up parking process for a better faculty, staff & student experience

Easily locate your car after class with mobile app integration

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