Parking Guidance & Sensors to better manage parking garages and lots

Guidance & Sensors

Not only do we help drivers locate parking spaces faster, our technology is exceedingly accurate, too.

Parking Guidance & Sensors to better manage parking garages and lots

Offering the Widest Range of Parking Solutions on the Market

Single Space Indoor Parking Sensors ​

Using Ultrasonic & Infrared sensors, our system can maximize utilization and improve the parking experience by guiding drivers to open parking spaces.

Single Space Outdoor Parking Sensors

Our G3 & G4 outdoor sensors offer operators the ability to manage inventory for surface parking lots. The G4 can be “cored” into the ground.


Car Counters
for Lots and Levels

We offer a number of different vehicle-counting solutions, including Bollard Car Counters, LiDAR Car Counters & Dual Loop Pass Counters.

Camera-based Parking Solutions

Our Indoor and Outdoor Cameras offer video-based car tracking and live, security video-on-demand.

Wayfinding Signage

Our customizable signage solutions include the design and installation of digitally printed static signs or dynamic LED displays.

We’ve made it our mission to offer best-in-class parking management systems that will guide drivers to the exact parking space that is available. Every. Single. Time.

Reliable, precise, user friendly, and energy efficient solutions designed to help you exceed your goals while also being good for the environment–that’s in our DNA. That’s also why we’ve made it possible to manage 100 parking spaces with the same amount of energy required to power a single light bulb.

What makes us different

Parking guidance sensors that are reliable and accurate
  • Infrared Sensors
Infrared sensors linked with Bluetooth technology provide reliable space-by-space management so drivers know precisely which parking spaces are available.
  • Customizable
Individual, specific client needs are easily met with LED color preferences, signage, directional guidance and outdoor lot solutions.
  • Open API
Our open platform allows for third party integrations and regular software updates so parking operators can continually offer next level service.

What it means for you

  • Intuitive, Effortless Parking
Real-time information improves traffic flow so drivers don’t wind up circling a lot and giving up.
Intuitive, Effortless Parking Guidance
Reliable parking technology to grow your business
  • Reliability
Infrared sensor technology is the only parking technology that works all the time, resulting in 99.9% accuracy.
  • Minimal Maintenance
Cost effective hardware with low upfront installation fees and software managed in the cloud means everything just works.
Minimal Maintenance with Parking Sense Guidance System

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