See how this healthcare facility increased efficiency of parking by at least 50% and productivity of highly paid staff by eliminating time wasted looking for parking. Not only that, the facility decreased stress and frustration of employees by taking the guesswork out of finding a parking spot.

As an institute that attracts some of the brightest minds in science, this institution wanted to ensure that valuable research time wasn’t wasted on the mundane pursuit of a parking spot.

  • Land is scarce in an already heavily developed metro area. The best option would be to build a new employee parking facility in an existing space. The new garage would need a parking system to optimize use of the limited space.
  • A sophisticated system that would enable employees to quickly and reliably find a parking spot so that they could start work on time and leave visitor parking spots for patients. The system also needed to be cost-effective to maintain.
  • In addition, it needed to be an environmentally responsible solution that reflects the values of this huge medical complex.

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