Save your business money with parking guidance solutions

Game Changing Parking Solutions

Parking Sense offers a cost-effective, comprehensive, and easy to install suite of intelligent parking solutions that are reshaping the way people think about parking.

Save your business money with parking guidance solutions

What makes us different?

Easy Installation

  • Parking Sense technology uses low energy, and installation is minimally invasive
  • The system can be installed almost immediately as compared to other systems that require a 4-month lead time
  • Infrared sensors require minimal maintenance, leverage Bluetooth technology and are 99.9% accurate

Optimize Parking Experience with Parking Sense
Real-time data to manage parking spaces and availability

Real-time and Historical Data

  • Know exactly which spaces are available when, and increase both use and revenue opportunities
  • Have the ability to adjust pricing based on demand
  • Understand how parking spaces are being used to identify trends and opportunities to improve efficiencies

Better User Experience

  • The ParkUp™ mobile app guides drivers directly to available parking spaces
  • On average, customers find parking 50% faster with Parking Sense
  • When customers are ready to leave, the app can be used to pay and also to guide them back to their car

Better user experience with parking guidance system
Save your business money with parking guidance solutions

Cost Savings & Convenience

  • Our open API and Bluetooth compatibility makes it easy to add functionality, meaning you’ll never have to purchase another parking management solution again
  • The system requires no personnel to operate, reducing staffing costs
  • System software is updated and hosted in the cloud, making it accessible from anywhere

Positive Environmental Impact

  • Cut vehicle emissions by 50% by leading drivers directly to available parking spaces
  • Reduce wear and tear on garages, ventilation systems and related energy costs
  • The Parking Sense system was designed to consume very little energy

Lower car emissions with parking guidance system
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The Benefits Are Worth It

Businesses of all kinds rely on Parking Sense to manage their parking.
Why? It saves them time, money and improves the experience for drivers visiting their business.

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Make better use of existing parking spaces
  • Increase revenue opportunities
  • Reduce driver frustration; find parking up to 50% faster
  • Cut vehicle emissions by 50%
  • Achieve 5-6x ROI within 12 months

Hear from our clients

“When you use a guidance system, the facilities become far, far more efficient. It's hard to put a value on that, but I've always said a minimum of 10%. It could be more. The larger the garage, the more efficiency can be gained. If you didn't have a guidance system in there, people might drive up two or three levels and just say, 'I can't find a single parking space' and then leave. Statistics show that people will look for eight to ten minutes. Beyond that, they're frustrated, and they'll look somewhere else."

Director of CBRE Global Investors

“One rider shared on social media: ‘I can finally find a parking space, hurrah, hurrah, hurrah’.”

Senior Director of Countywide Parking Management, LA Metro

“I really like the technology. I had an energy savings project that I was doing already. It reduced our carbon by reducing the idling that was inside the garages.”

Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities Services and Campus Operations

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